Planning and Materials
Hot Wire Foam Cutter
Cutting the foam
Refining the shape
Applying the epoxy filler
Springboard tunnel
Hard points and reinforcements
  Seatbelt attach point
Plank rope assembly attach point
Mast base attach point
Sheave attach point
Applying Fiberglass

Filler and Fairing

Plank Attach Plates
Pedals System

Pedal Slots
Steering Linkage
Pedal Parts
Finished Pedal Assembly

Front Springboard
Rear Plank
Final Assembly
Photo Gallery

This site has been created to chronicle the build process of an IceFlyer ice boat.

The IceFlyer was designed by Wally Hall in 1993. It was originally a wood design that evolved into a fiberglass production boat. Unfortunately they are no longer producing the fiberglass boats but you can find out more about the fiberglass IceFlyer and wooden Classic IceFlyer at http://www.iceflyer.com. You can download the IceFlyer Classic (wood boat) plans for free, get lots of information and see photos and videos of the boat in action.

I'm building a fiberglass version instead of the Classic wood plans provided by IceFlyer. The main reason for using composites was the hope that I can realize some cost savings by using foam, epoxy and composite cloth (fiberglass) instead of the harder to find, expensive sitka spruce. In my opinion the fiberglass boat has a more modern look and will hopefully be stronger and lighter. Also I've always been intrigued by composite construction and thought this would be a good opportunity to play around with it.

One of the problems with creating an IceFlyer with this method is the ability to exactly duplicate the shape. Although the dimensions are almost identical to the Classic IceFlyer, results will vary from builder to builder. Without the use of a mold the final shapes will never be exact. That's also a good thing because it will allow the design to continue to evolve and get faster.

I broke the site down into what I thought were logical chunks of production to make it easy to understand my build process. I hope this site helps someone else with the construction of their IceFlyer. If you have any questions or suggestions for doing something a different or better way drop me a line.

David Woodward